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With a hint of passion in every drop of coffee

Coffee in one million ways

Coffee in one million ways

Every country has its own customs – this saying perfectly fits the ways of brewing and serving coffee. Every corner of the Earth has its own ways to extract the best taste and aroma from coffee beans.

So let’s start the journey through various coffee traditions…

Espresso – an Italian specialty with an intense aroma. It is a very strong infusion, brewed in a pressure espresso machine with a small amount of water (50-70 ml), served in tiny cups. Espresso is also the basis for many other types of coffee.

Cappuccino – an Italian specialty with a very mild taste. It is a coffee consisting of espresso, warm milk and milk foam, served in bulky 200 ml China porcelain cups. Italians drink Cappuccino sprinkled with cocoa, chocolate or cinnamon.

Caffé Latte – a mix of coffee and milk popular throughout Europe. We add milk to a single or double espresso in a proportion of 2/3 of milk to 1/3 of coffee. It is usually served in high dishes or in bulky cups.

Latte Macchiato – an Italian specialty served in a high glass with a long spoon. Hot espresso is poured into foamed milk to produce three equal layers: milk, espresso and milk foam. Latte Art utilizes a stream of foamed milk, syrups, sauces and sweet sprinkles to create graphical patterns on the surface of the coffee. With a small toothpick you can prepare real masterpieces.

Caffé Coretto – a drink invented by Italians, served in short little glasses. This coffee is flavored with alcohol (grappa, sambuca or brandy).

Caffé Noisette – a Swiss coffee specialty. A portion of lightly whipped cream is added to a strong coffee brew and heartily sprinkled with cherry liqueur.

Caffé Melange – the traditional recipe for brewing this coffee originates from Austria and is prepared from an extended espresso with hot milk. The milk foam on the surface is poured over with grated, bitter chocolate.

Flat white – a coffee originating from Australia and New Zealand. Traditionally, it is prepared using a double espresso, which is poured over with hot milk. The flat white should have a completely flat surface.

Caffé Americano – this specialty emerged during the Second World War in Italy. The American soldiers stationed in Italy poured hot water into espresso in a 1:1 ratio.

Mocha – it is made on the basis of espresso, to which chocolate is added, poured over with hot milk and decorated with whipped cream.

Mocha breve – an American specialty prepared on the basis of espresso, which is poured over with a hot mixture of milk and cream.

Caffé Marocchino – a speciality from Alexandria, prepared on an espresso basis, to which cocoa or chocolate syrup is added with a small amount of foamed milk.

Caffé Frappe – coffee served cold with the addition of crushed ice, fruit syrups or ice-cream. It is served in tall glasses.

Irish coffee – a specialty from Ireland, made on an espresso basis, to which whiskey and brown sugar is added, and finally it is decorated with whipped cream. It is served in a beer glass.

Vienna Coffee – a Viennese speciality based on espresso or black brewed coffee, to which melted chocolate is added. It is served in a cup and decorated with whipped cream.

Caffé Romano – espresso served with lemon peel. This recipe allows the addition of a few drops of lemon juice to the coffee.

Caffé Freddo – cold served espresso. It is prepared by pouring hot espresso over ice cubes with a few drops of alcohol (grappa or brandy) or a bit of foamed milk.

Caffé Lungo – prepared similarly to espresso, but after approx. 25-30 ml of the extract, the brewing does not stop, but continues until 50-60 ml is obtained, making the coffee more delicate.

Caffé Ristretto – it is a coffee prepared in the same way as an espresso, but with less water (only 15 ml).

Caffé con panna – espresso served with a small amount of whipped cream.

Coffee with honey – espresso served with honey and foamed milk on top. For this coffee, barists also recommend the addition of cinnamon.

Caffé Cortado – espresso served with condensed milk.